Outlanders Update Dota 2 Will Come On November 26 ?

Outlanders Update Dota 2 Will Come On November 26 ? - After being rumored to be present after the implementation of the MDL Chengdu Major, rumors of the exact date of the Outlanders Update have been heard, one of them being next Tuesday, November 26.

Calls on November 26 is certainly not without reason, through the page of the largest subforum in the world Reddit, one of Valve's workers with the username cameron_dev again leaked about the presence of Outlanders Update.
The person who previously also leaked that Outlanders will attend after the MDL Chengdu Major wrote that the Outlanders Update plan would be present on Tuesday.

Although it is not explicitly stated when the date is, many theories support that this update will be present on November 26 tomorrow.

One of them, besides November 26, which must have passed from the MDL Chengdu Major implementation, this date could also be said to be an empty time for Valve before the second primary DreamLeague Season 13 open qualification.

DreamLeague Season 13's open qualification itself is scheduled to be held simultaneously on November 28, and 29 (specifically NA November 29-30) and closed requirements will take place on December 1 through 6.

Means, the only proper Tuesday to provide an update is November 26, because next Tuesday after November 26 is December 3, which coincides with DreamLeague Season 13's closed qualifications.

What needs to underlined is, the time used by Valve is the time the United States made an update for the SEA time zone will be present on November 27 morning due to the time difference that is quite far.

December 3 could also be the second date if later Valve would reverse the schedule of the second Major closed qualification from December 8 to 14.

But, of course, if the update will be present on December 3, it will make a reasonably vast difference in the closed qualifications given that META changes have occurred.

Will present two new heroes and of course, a variety of other updates that bring Major changes, including massive nerds or buffs, Outlanders Update is believed to be a community able to quench thirst in the boredom of the players of this game made by Valve.

If you think, do you have your theory on what date Outlanders Update will be present, which is expected to be a refresher on this Dota 2 later?

Welcome and enjoy...

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