Grammarly Premium Review | Is It Worth It?

We may be familiar with Grammarly, as the name implies Grammarly is a tool for detecting grammar errors and spelling in English.

Repair function Writing errors already exist in Ms Word, but Grammarly can fix more than 250 types of mistakes, which you won't find in Microsoft Word.

To be able to use Grammarly quite quickly, we only need to register on the website Grammarly can run on sites or web-based. Besides web-based, Grammarly also has desktop and plugin applications for Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Word. The desktop application still requires an internet connection because you have to log in first, almost similar to the web application don't need to open the browser anymore. With a browser plugin, you will immediately get suggestions for improvements, for example, when typing an email in Gmail.

There are other services that Grammarly can offer, but we have to become Premium members. These features, such as those on the official web, are  - 150 critical grammar and spelling checks.

# 100+ additional advanced grammar and spelling checks
# Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
# Genre-specific writing style checks
# Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages

Yes, one of them is the Plagiarism Detector feature that we may need most.

Grammarly Premium: Complete Features for Writers of All Levels

Grammarly is very relevant for checking typos and improving grammar. However, in my opinion, this application can do something more than that. It is especially helpful to me, who often writes reports.

Who needs Grammarly Premium?

Well, I must say that everyone who writes in English needs it. Specifically, this application is intended for students or people who work in the academic world and have an obligation to write in English. This application is also useful for those who work in the creative industry (such office employees who have the task of communicating with foreigners), which requires making publicity in English. It’s very helpful.

Grammarly Premium can translate and write English documents?

Nope, it’s not Google Translate, nor is it script-writer. Grammarly works to correct the writing that I have made beforehand and to analyze whether my writing is in accordance with the rules of written English.

So, can Grammarly Premium automatically improve English skills?

Not directly, but through this application, I learned a lot of things about what is and isn’t allowed and what is less precise and more precise, as well as a variety of grammar variations. In my opinion, this Grammarly can be used from the beginner level up to the expert level. For the beginner level, maybe only basic grammar will be corrected, provided that the person has a basic knowledge of writing English sentences.
Unlike Grammarly for free, which only provides basic grammar and spelling check features, Grammarly premium can do more than that. There are at least nine features that can be enjoyed to correct text that is entered into the application. If the free feature provides a document correction limit of 500 words, the premium version can correct whole documents at once in * doc format.


Make a typo check.


Grammar correction and sentence structure such as interested within, I could spend, six month (s), and so on.


Eliminate unnecessary punctuation or add punctuation that should exist.


Provide equivalent words that are more suited to the context of the sentence, such as replacing “total words” with “whole,” “entire,” or “complete.”


Perform dialect checks, such as erasing comma errors without spaces, correcting capital letters, and so on.


This depends on the style of writing you want to carry whether formal, semi-formal, and informal. For example, writing “couple weeks,” which should be “couple of weeks.”


This is a feature that determines whether the sentence in the text is concise and not redundant.


Serves to facilitate others’ understanding of the writing. In other words, the writing reads more clearly.


One very important feature for those who still lack a broad vocabulary in writing. Some examples: changing the word “very afraid” to be “terrified,” “very cute” to be “adorable,” “basically” to be “primarily,” and “important” to be “crucial” or “notable.”

 To be able to get Free Grammarly Premium services, the following are the methods in the video:

How to use Grammarly Premium?

How to use Grammarly? Grammarly Goal

Use The Recommendations Extension Below 
Grammarly Premium For Chrome Extension           LINK   (Recommend Cookie Editor)


        DRIVE CHROME                         Get Cookie        

DRIVE CHROME                         Get Cookie

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Grammarly Premium Private Account


  • Use your own email.
  • You can change pasword.
  • Only you who use your account.
  • Never got any logout issues.
  • Cheap & Warranty.
  • Login support windows, android/iOS, MacOS
  • Payment: Paypal & Cryptocurrency
  • Contact: Whatsapp    Telegram

No special skills are needed to use Grammarly Premium because all it takes is uploading the file you want to correct from the computer drive. Automatically, Grammarly will scan uploaded documents, check them, and provide information on what things need attention to or should be corrected. Before scanning, Grammarly will bring up a pop-up window that contains questions about the goals or objectives of the writer. It matters whether the writing is descriptive or exploratory, formal or informal, and academic, casual, or technical. Grammarly will adjust the structure and vocabulary to fit the goal.

During the correction process, Grammarly displays the rank or value of our writing on a scale of 0–100. The higher value means that the corrected writing has errors and is close to the goal of writing that was set from the beginning. After all documents are corrected and get a value of 100, Grammarly can also display a summary of writing in the form of graphic info.

This graphic info presents general information about the number of words, unique words (diversity of words in the whole writing), rare words (measures the depth of words that are rarely used from 5,000 common English words), average sentence length, and readability score. The readability score is taken from the Flesch reading- ease- test, which aims to measure how easily a written document is read by others. The higher the score is, the easier it is to read, but for postgraduate-level student writing and above, it is more academic. Posts intended for academics or people with minimal university education levels recommend grades ranging from 35- to 50.

One more interesting feature is the feature to do whether the uploaded text contains an element of plagiarism. This feature is very important, especially for academic writing style. It ensures that the writing delivered is free from elements of plagiarism, like copy-paste, which are strictly prohibited in the world of writing. Grammarly, once again scans the text with millions of texts in Google'’s database. After the scanning process is complete, the application displays the percentage of the text that is similar to the database. An acceptable plagiarism presentation may be less than 5%. If it'’s more than that, then you should get ready to paraphrase the written sentence.

Grammarly Premium is not without its minuses. After using it for some time, I have concluded that there are some shortcomings or incompatibilities with this application.
The Clarity feature always suggests corrections for passive voice; it is recommended that it be converted to active voice. In the type of research writing I do, I mostly use passive sentences to change the focus of the sentence. Instead of writing “I employed a qualitative approach for the study,” I write “A qualitative approach was employed” The first sentence focuses on me as a researcher while the second sentence focuses on the method or tool being used.
Grammarly Premium does not necessarily improve my writing skills. In order to use Grammarly optimally, it is best to examine why Grammarly corrects a document as it does, instance by instance. If it is not used in this manner, then the user will not gain benefits besides the corrected document. This is important so that in the future, users are more sensitive to their writing style and use the suggestions given before.

The plagiarism feature in the application only checks through the database of writing that is on the pages of the website. I am still doubtful whether the plagiarism feature can be used to check scientific papers published in journals. In addition, sometimes I have to check the parts indicated as plagiarism; they have turned out to be only parts of writing that are general in nature, such as; “to address this issue,” “it is important to note,” and so on.
Overall, I recommend Grammarly Premium to anyone who is learning to write well and correctly, including myself. Grammarly premium subscription is $ 139.95 / year, but I got a 46% subscription promo yesterday, so I only needed to spend $ 75. Worth it or not? Yes, I think it'’s very worth it considering that lately I have had a lot of college assignments. Even though grammar is not the essence of writing but the topic discussed, there is nothing wrong about learning to improve your own writing to make it more readable. Furthermore, it is just a process so that the depth of discussion and good grammar can go together.

6 Reasons why you need to use the Grammarly Premium application

Don't worry, and you can use Grammarly services for free. However, if you need more comprehensive services, Grammarly premium services are commensurate with the costs incurred. I prefer to use Grammarly premium services. Why? This is the reason why you need it:

  • You like having a Proofreader or Editor yourself, which of course costs less than hiring someone.
  • Like a personal assistant ready to accompany me 24/7, Grammarly is prepared to help whenever needed, as long as it's connected to the internet.
  • You will become a Pro because your writing ability increases with the help of Grammarly.
  • Excellent writing from you will increase your assessment score at school, campus, or in your workplace.
  • A good score certainly has the potential to lead us to get a better job better.
  • Also, what I like most is that if you are a deadline for proofreading, you can request professional proofreading services carried out by the expert team from Grammarly. Yes, this is an exceptional service for premium customers.


Welcome and enjoy...



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