Canva Pro Cookie Free Update

Canva Pro Cookie Free Update

Canva is a service for creating content that is very helpful for those of us who have needs for various platforms such as social media and others. The good news, this service is available in the form of applications that can be used for mobile phones with the Android and iOS operating systems and our work can be continued using a computer by visiting through the same account.

The way it works is effortless; we choose the size of the worksheet as needed and then fill it with elements such as photos, pictures, symbols and text.

1. Useful for YouTubers

Do you often upload videos via Youtube? Canva can be a mainstay. There are already several design templates prepared by Canva, complete with their sizes. We need to upload the photos we need, change the text, adjust the colours, and finish. It only takes less than 15 minutes.
YouTubers will undoubtedly be grateful for the service presented by Canva. They can make video covers to decorate their profiles without having to worry about image sizes. All are available and only pouring creativity.

Or maybe not. Canva provides template categories for beauty, music or travel genres. Each template has a visual style that reflects the content you want to upload. So those who feel less creative will also be helped by Canva.

2. Make Instagram Stories cooler

Hobbies to make Instagram Stories? Canva also has a design for content with a 9:16 screen format. We can put up lots of photos, add elements such as lines and other patterns, and have the discretion for the type of font used. Be prepared to be different on the timeline.

What kind of interesting story do you want to upload? Wise quotes, travels, even pets? Each has a template that can use. Instagram, influencers and homemakers have the same opportunity to create exciting content.

3. Can support the work

Employees with sudden presentation schedules are no longer strange stories. Canva can be a solution. Presentation templates with serious themes to sell ideas are ready to be made easily. With the template feature, the presentation pages that we create will be consistent in their visual style. Be prepared to leave a positive impression of your presentation.
Still for employees, also use templates to make curriculum vitae or resume work. The document aims to make the reader get a positive first impression, both professionally and creatively. Canva offered it all.

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