5 Technological Advances That Will Happen in 2020

5 Technological Advances That Will Happen in 2020

Technological progress is accelerating. To stay in the competition, businesses must be able to see the trends. That way, they can know about the trends that will apply in the coming year.

Of the many predictions that exist, the following five events will occur in 2020. The five events are predicted to provide great damage to the business world, especially for changing work models and the emergence of new businesses.

Work at home

According to a number of experts, work at home trends will become commonplace in 2020. Managers or bosses who initially disagree with remote work will switch to implementing the policy because it brings many benefits.

Based on research initiated by Professor Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University in 2017, remote work can increase employee productivity as well as employees who work in offices. In addition, the same research also shows that remote work reduces the risk of employees leaving as much as 50%.

For this reason, it is predicted that this new policy will be more widely used by companies, especially by micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as a way to cut operational funds.

Technological Advances in Social Media Marketing

Social media is predicted to grow into a more sophisticated marketing instrument. In addition, predictions have been made about a number of important factors that will change the virtual world.

  • Instagram Officially Removes "Likes" Feature

Until now, Instagram was still testing the removal of the "likes" feature. With this change, the "Instagram Ads" feature will be used more by people.

  • Google's Influence on Social Media

In April 2019, Google Plus was officially closed. In 2020, Google is predicted to improve its search engine so that it can better assess how much influence someone has on social media. This can be seen late in patent 9632972 as a benchmark for assessing the role of a person on  social media.

  • The influence of social bookmarking websites will increase

 Large instruments such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin will be disrupted by the emergence of a number of social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Quora, and Twitter, which are predicted to have a greater influence in 2020.

  • Social sharing tools will be free

Google plans to provide a number of social sharing tools to its users, with the hope that more people will use it. That way, both users and Google will both benefit from here.

Freelance will develop rapidly

Advances in technology have a major influence on various business lines, including freelance. Businesses engaged in the service sector will get a breath of fresh air because 2020 is predicted to make the land for freelancers more extensive. There will be more opportunities, which will be followed by increased ease in finding clients.

In addition, a number of experts in their fields would prefer to become casual workers because of the increased free time and higher rates given to them. From a company perspective, they would prefer to look for freelance services because they can be obtained from anywhere regardless of geographical factors.

5G and cloud computing

Two major technologies that will begin to be implemented in 2020 are 5G and cloud computing. 5G technology will improve connectivity between each person, making them closer and communication easier.

In addition, cloud computing will make data storage even greater. Both of these technologies will be important things that will be used by every company, from small to large.

Automation software

In 2020, the evolution of AI will make software more sophisticated and accessible to all business people, especially for those who come from micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This will lead to various kinds of new software such as email marketing, human resources, and accounting.

The use of automation software brings many benefits, especially in the more effective use of funds, minimizing errors and other problems that may arise in the future.

This brings many benefits of technological advancements, especially for more effective financial management.


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