Basic SEO Website Techniques: Increase Your Rank on Google

Basic SEO Website Techniques: Increase Your Rank on Google

This article is for beginners who want to learn the basics of SEO and appear on the search page.

If you have a website and just want to be involved in the world of search engine marketing, this article is perfect for you because we will share here the very basics of how to optimize SEO based on official guidelines from Google.

The following are the initial steps that must be carried out on a website in order for it to be search engine-friendly.

1. Check whether your website has been indexed by Google.

At this stage, you can do it simply by typing the key like this in the Google Search bar.

By filling in the keywords above, you will ensure that all your web pages that have been indexed by Google will appear in all search results. For example, for the Karinov website, you will see search results like this page:
If you don’t want to bother, just replace the URL “” above with your web address or domain name.

So what if it turns out that my website has not been indexed, or of many web pages only indexed a few?

If this happens, it means you need to submit your page manually with Google submit the url.. If you want to submit automatically, like it or not, you have to integrate your website with Google Search Console.

2. Make sure your website has quality content

This is the second thing to remember. In fact, Google is a service provider company. What services do they provide?

Google provides services to help find the information desired by its users. Therefore, if your website content can answer the needs of Google search users, search engines will automatically like your website.

This parameter can be read by Google by looking at how long visitors stay on your website (session duration). If, after logging into your website, the end is immediately blurred (high bounce rate), get ready: Google can judge your website as having quality content.

3. Loading speed and compatibility between devices

Because trends in internet use and online searching are starting to be dominated by mobile devices, Google has also adjusted its algorithm to take into account a website’s accessibility.

A number of factors determine this aspect, such as where the website is hosted, the template that is used, the cms platform that is used, and whether the website supports compression technology.

In general, to find out the website’s specific performance with inregard to this aspect, you can check directly through the following Google tool:

Simply enter the website’s URL and wait a few moments until the audit results appear, together with recommendations to improve the website’s performance.

Well, those are the three basic points to optimize the most basic website in order to appear on Google’s search engine. If you feel that you need help in optimizing your website, you might consider recruiting a third party who can provide SEO optimization services.

This is also specifically suggested by Google by defining SEO practitioners as parties who will help your web appearance in search engines. 


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