The Average Lifespan Of A Smartphone, What Do You Think?

It was almost a year ago. When you get a new job or a promotion, or by chance, you get good marks in 12th board exams, you start planning to buy a new phone after going through YouTube and other online reviews.
You finally order your new phone, get it delivered to you, unbox the phone with excitement and find that it has a one-year warranty on it.
You flaunt your new phone; it works very smoothly, but, right after one year, it starts giving you issues. Sometimes, it is slow; at other times, it hangs; its camera quality deteriorates, and then after two years, it even starts to switch off by itself.
In the end, how does your phone get all these problems?

All of you guys must remember the phones from Nokia, which, for five years or even after ten years, used to work just like new phones, but do you know the average life of today'’s smartphones?
Only twothree years! But why?

Planned Obsolescence

Which means to intentionally spoil some gadget and Samsung or Apple are already facing these allegations. After launching new models of iPhone, Apple gave those software updates to the iPhone 6.
Which were not at all optimized for iPhone 6, and after installing these updates, iPhone 6 users complained a lot about their phones getting slow on which there were a lot of discussions too.
But the good news behind this is Apple did accept this allegation!
That they intentionally slowed down the speed of iPhone 6 users
but gave a solid explanation behind this too!
Apple said that with these new updates, the phone's battery could not run the phone's hardware at its full potential, so to increase battery life, they reduced performance, but on the other hand, Owner has to earn in any way! So it's a strategy which mobile companies use to increase their sales!
By slowing down their old models!
So if your phone has become old now, then remove it from auto update, and if it is showing any update, then before clicking on the update button in excitement, do research about that update!

Software and App Updates!

Every year companies launch so many new phones, and software updates are quiet difficult to optimize according to minor details of new phones.
That's why to test the full potential of latest software updates they need latest hardware in which big CPU, good RAM, and big storage are tested on them.
So for old models, they do become little heavier which results in decreasing your phone's storage, and after updating, your phone gets a little slow.
With this, exploring new features of apps in your phone makes it heavier and incompatible to previous IOS versions when this happens.
Download compatible apps for your phone from other sites and delete all the useless items from your phone's internal storage and uninstall all the rubbish apps.

Limited Hardware Life

Do you know you can only recharge or discharge your battery for 500 times?

Because after that performance of your battery decreases, and the same thing is applicable to your storage as well, which has limited read and write counts!
So when click and delete pictures multiple times, it reduces your phone's average life.
But it's daily usage which we can't stop it just like this every mobile component has a limited life.
And I feel the way technology is upgrading every day mobile companies are intentionally putting average hardware quality in phones because they don't want that in 2019, you use their 2014's phone!
They want to show you the capabilities of their latest phone that's why these days phones only have a life of 2-3 years, these phones will definitely work after 2-3 years, but their performance will be reduced and even incompatible for some apps.
So if you are an average user and maintain your phone in the right way, then they can even work for longer than this!
Now, If you have got sad, by thinking about the phone on which you are read this article that will only last 2-3 years.

In 2010 we were using 2 MP camera 128 MB RAM 70 MB storage phones, but today in 2020, we are using 12 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage and you know all about mobile cameras and with this we are even using HDR mobile gaming on the same place bread toaster at your home.
It is just like it today as it was 50 years ago, so I believe smartphones are kind of thing which neither we cannot stop it from changing, or we should do it!
Because a lot of things are happening between them and there's still a lot to be done!
I mean bat time when you are buying the latest smartphone at the same time 3-4 phones.
which are better than it is all set to be launched
So in this busy life as time passes you have to change your phone in any case!
But! this was my opinion on how much you agree or disagree with me.


Welcome and enjoy...

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