Adult Game "Subverse" Becomes Top Seller on Steam


Subverse, an adult game developed by FOW Studio, has recently succeeded in placing itself in the Top Seller section of the Steam platform. Interestingly, this achievement was obtained by Subverse, which was just released a few days ago.

So, why is this game able to attract a lot of players' attention? Come on, see the following article until it runs out.

Had Disappeared from the News

As information only, FOW canceled Early Access from Subverse on Steam. The reason is, the single-player and story-driven RPG modes are not compatible with this game. Early Access itself is usually used by FPS and MMO games.

Not only that, the developer said that there was a difference in vision that made it difficult for them to do Early Access some time ago. This forced them to postpone it for almost a year.

Subverse Top Selling

Interestingly, Subverse managed to beat several games like It Takes Two on the Top Seller page on Steam. Popular games like Valheim and CS: GO are also under Subverse.

Furthermore, the game's success cannot be separated from the fact that FOW Studio has managed to raise $18 billion in funding. So, players certainly hope that this game can meet fans' expectations.

For now, Subverse can still maintain its position on Top Seller. However, will this thing last long enough? The developer will continue to share content that if it can keep the existence of this game.

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