Bethesda Announces Egg Hunt on Fallout 76

Bethesda announces egg hunt on Fallout 76

There are six eggs that you need to find to get a surprise from Bethesda.

Easter is almost here, and with it, lots of eggs are also popping up in the game. The same goes for Fallout 76. Bethesda has announced their plans for the game, including Decorative Deathclaw eggs painted in various colors for you to search the Atomic Shop every other day.

Here are all the Easter Eggs you can find, as well as the dates. Bethesda also wrote that you should "collect all six eggs to find a surprise at your crafting station."

  • Classic Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 23-27

  • Patterned Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 25-29

  • Paint Splotch Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 27-31

  • Pink Flower Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 29 to. April 2

  • Onyx Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 31 to. April 4

  • Flowery Deathclaw Easter Egg - April 2-6

Welcome and enjoy...

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