Hot Wheels: Unleashed Show Premiere Gameplay Video

Some time ago, we got some pretty big news from one of the franchises that had long since disappeared and finally returned. That's right, Hot Wheels: Unleashed gave you its first fantastic trailer. It didn't take long, apparently, until the fans gave a positive response. Today, we again get new information on this Nostalgic game. Because now, Hot Wheels: Unleashed shows the First Gameplay Video, of course, with the latest details.

As the developer of this game, Milestone has been quite successful in developing many ambitious Racing games. This is proven through the ride franchise and MotoGP that raised the theme of Bike Racing. Wanting to be different from the others, they are now working with Mattel's famous toy company, which focuses on miniature toy cars with millions of unique Designs. With this collaboration, they finally made a Hot Wheels game with stunning graphics full of action.

Hot Wheels: Unleashed Finally Delivers Gameplay Video

In recent years Mattel himself has also lent various Hot Wheels car designs to several well-known publishers. But most do not make the name Hot Wheels as a new game, but only as additional content in the latest update. Games like Forza Horizon, Rocket League, and World of Tanks have used them to complement various skins in their games.

This information we get through one of milestone Studio's Twitter social media accounts tweets. Through the post, they provide a Gameplay Trailer by showing racing action in this game. Focusing on wide Tracks, Hot Wheels: Unleashed will have the same concept as before. Only this time, they provide better Visuals with a variety of Textures and Lighting that look stunning.

Wide Selection of Tracks and Cars With Unique Models

Although it doesn't give much detail through the video, Milestone already promises to have a total of 40 Tracks that you can choose from and 60 models of cars that you can play. They also promise a lot of Modes that you can choose as you like with your friends later. Of course, this game is very worth waiting for its arrival, especially for those who want to try a new Racing experience that is more relaxed and carries the arcade concept.

Milestone itself still does not provide much detail regarding what modes will be present in this game. If you are interested, this game will be released on September 30, 2021. What do you think? Are you interested in reminiscing about hot wheels racing? Don't forget to visit this site every day, so you don't miss the latest information about The World of Video Games.


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