Monster Hunter Rise Has Sold 5 Million Copies

It is undeniable that Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's giant franchises. Monster Hunter is known to have brought money to Capcom for a long time. Monster Hunter's success does not escape the quality of gameplay, visuals, and much more.

Capcom's decision to release Monster Hunter to various platforms was considered very appropriate. This was proven after they confirmed that they would be releasing one of the World series to Nintendo Switch via Monster Hunter Rise. Which is this game is devoted to Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise Sales

However, Monster Hunter Rise is also confirmed to be heading to PC in 2022. As predicted, Rise's great success is achieved in a short period. Many companies in Japan are disbursing their employees to welcome the release of Monster Hunter Rise.

It is also rumored that the sales of Monster Hunter Rise reached 5 million copies. Total sales CAPCOM managed to achieve in a reasonably short period. This game itself is known to be built using RE Engine. Not only that, Rise also offers many features like other series.

Duration of Monster Hunter Rise

For those of you who do not know, Monster Hunter Rise itself will have 20-30 hours. That duration applies if the player is only interested in completing missions in Monster Hunter Rise. The amount of time will certainly vary depending on the skill and willingness of the player himself.

If a player is inexperienced with the game, they may need to try hunting several times or go back and track monsters a few more times to make supplies from him. On the contrary, if the player is already experienced, they certainly do not have to do this.

Despite all that, you can now play Monster Hunter Rise through Nintendo Switch. The PC version itself will launch in 2022.


Welcome and enjoy...

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