Naughty Dog Develops The Last Of Us Remake For PlayStation 5

Naughty Dog's name is very suitable when we talk about developers who are consistently successful with the various projects they formulate. They tried to offer through The Last of Us for PlayStation 3, and The Last of Us 2 on PlayStation 4 was a huge success and won the fans' praise.

Naughty Dog, as sony's first-party developer, is interesting enough for us to follow. Even more so after their massive success through The Last of Us Part 2 last year. Thus, many fans are starting to wonder what project Naughty Dog will be working on after that.

The Last of Us Remake developed for PlayStation 5

The good news is that this latest report indicates that The Last of Us Remake will be naughty Dog's next project. The information itself came from a well-known gaming journalist – Jason Schreier, who did discuss various things related to Sony's plans for the future.

Through a new paper he published, Schreier said that Sony officials will now be more careful in giving birth to blockbuster-level gaming games that are signaled to be a global success. This attitude is what makes Sony Japan much abandoned by its officials.

Days Gone 2 rejected by Sony

Yes, this is because sony center is no longer interested in making small games that may only be successful in Japan. As you know, this is the reason why the proposal for Days Gone 2 was rejected. Despite all that, Naughty Dog has managed to lock in The Last of Us Remake project for the PlayStation 5.

This latest project is sure to be formulated using a new engine for the PlayStation 5. According to Schreier's report, The Last of Us is still in development under the naughty dog banner. However, until now, Sony has not provided any response regarding this news.


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