Stunning Visuals, Path Of Exile 2 Show Latest Trailer

As if not to lose to Diablo: Resurrected, which presents Technical Alpha, we get new information from games of the same genre. It's been a long time since I heard from him, now Path of Exile comes with a big surprise. Grinding Gear Games as the developer of this game, has been collecting this game since 2019. However, this time only now they give the complete detail. Through the path of exile 2's newest Trailer, this game comes with stunning visuals.

If you don't know, Path of Exile is a Dungeon-Crawler game with a concept almost similar to Diablo. The game to this day still gets a relatively high number of players because of the large amount of content. You will choose one of the 6 Classes available for adventure with your friends. Your job is to complete the quests you have to eradicate your enemies. That's right, grinding elements in this game are enjoyable and even make us more curious.

Path of Exile 2 Show Latest Trailer

Information about the new Trailer of the path of exile two games we get from a tweet Social media Twitter belongs to them. Through the post, they share not only trailers but some content that will come through this game. If you watch the Trailer, we'll take them back to share the adventure of this game, complete with its slick Combat. The various present skills are also very attention-grabbing, as well as the Environment map that they organize like a competitor's game.

Of all these things, they also show Visuals like AAA-class games. As if still not satisfied, Grinding Gear Games also presents 20-minute video gameplay. Titled "2 Act," this video shows things ranging from new Classes and Abilities. Not to mention in the video, we can also see Gear, Weapon, and Skills that we can Enchant and Upgrade. Even better, this game will present a total of "7 Acts."

This Game Still Needs a Lot of Development

Unlike the first series, Path of Exile 2 will reduce the linear feel. This they prove directly with the Design Level that looks spacious and certainly has a stunning Scenario Animation. For those of you fans of RPG games, it seems like this week becomes a pretty Special day considering there are already two fantastic games released in the future. Unfortunately, Sang Dev himself said that Path of Exile 2 would be a little late in the game's production.

The main reason this game will not be released this year is that there are still many things they have to work on and the disruption of the Covid-19 Pandemic condition. They also say that this game is still not finished 50%. Of course, this should be natural, considering the path of exile two will be a pretty big game in the RPG world. Even so, they also promise that this game will remain Free to Play. So what do you think? Are you looking forward to this game?

This game will reportedly be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms if you are interested. We also don't know the exact release date for Path of Exile 2. So we still have to wait for their next update. Don't forget to visit our site every day, so you don't miss the latest news, tips, and rumors about the world of Video Games and the Industry. Have a good wait!


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