Supercell, Dev. Clash Of Clans Announces New Three-Game Setup

Who doesn't know Clash of Clans? A top-rated real-time strategy game a few years ago. Behind the popularity of Clash of Clans, there is Supercell's hand as a developer. In addition, Clash of Clans Developers recently announced three new games from the same universe.

New Game from Clash of Clans Developer

Through a video uploaded by Supercell, they show three new games. First, there's Clash Quest, a game based on a turn-based adventure strategy. In this game, players are required to destroy enemy defenses before the time runs out. So, time is the key to this game.

Next up is Clash Heroes. It's a game also done by Supercell Shanghai. Even so, this game comes with some differences. This game offers a real-time gaming experience. Every day, there are various missions that you can run.

Meanwhile, there is also Clash Mini which is a board game. In this game, players can put their character or army in a place that already exists. The fight will run automatically, so you can leave the game to do something else. Oh yes, this game was developed by Supercell Shanghai.

Expand CoC Universe

According to the information circulated, three new games from Supercell were deliberately created to expand the Clash of Clans universe. That means developers can develop different genres with their early games.

Even so, Supercell is still working on some new games that have nothing to do with CoC. So, make sure you're waiting for the latest information from Supercell.


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