Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to iOS Devices This Year

Microsoft's Cloud Gaming Service: XCloud is now available for Android devices. The service itself allows players to play Xbox games on their Android devices. But unfortunately, this service until now has not been available for iOS users.

The reason itself is that Apple is still very closed to bring Microsoft's XCloud to their platform. But the good news is, Phil Spencer as the boss of Xbox, also indicated that their service would be coming soon for iOS device users.

XCloud targets iOS devices

In December 2020, Microsoft said that it would bring this Cloud Gaming service to PCs and iOS in spring 2021. This service allows you to play Xbox games without using a console. This is certainly very interesting, considering we can play it via smartphone.

You can use an Xbox controller to play the game. Also, Microsoft has previously planned to present at least 150 games that you can play through their cloud gaming service. Now, Phil Spencer has reaffirmed that their service will go to iOS.

They Are Published This Year To!

Spencer confirmed that iOS users would soon be able to experience the service soon. However, he did not give an exact date for the launch. iOS users need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access the service after launch. 

Xbx Game Pass Ultimate is now priced at USD 14.99. XCloud itself is now available for free for Android devices. The service will launch to iOS devices shortly.


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